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About is an online place for advertising Canadian rental properties. With its excellent search functionality tenants can search and find their dream home. Website visitors can post messages at interactive forum. Tenants can subscribe for alerts and receive notifications by email with matching rental places.
Who can use this online service?
Tenants who are looking for their dream home can use it free of charge and they can see the advertiser?s contact information without having to register online. They just need to quote when enquiring about the rental. Property owners, managers, agents can also register and use this online service to advertise rental properties. Built-in features allow them to link the rental application form, mark as rented, show/hide from public searches and apply premiums to make it appear on top of the search results.
Who should register here?
Website offers an online service for property managers, rental property agents and property owners to conveniently advertise one or more rental properties online. It provides tools to publish, share, track and receive feedback from prospective tenants resulting in savings in time and money. Here you can advertise rental properties such as;
    Apartment, Office, Condo, Multiunit, Room, Student, Old Age Living, Basement, House, Townhouse, Bunglow, Mobile Home, Low rise, High rise, Industrial, Vacation, Retail, Commercial, Shops, Farm, Shared, Short Term, Storage, etc.
With instructions and FAQ, registered users can adapt quickly with AshiRo. It has simplified workflow and has reduced the repetitive tasks thereby saving your time. It has flexibility and provides complete control to manage property information. Special feature, Premium listing, is available at your disposal to make your property listing stand on top.

Website is marketed on social media and it has tools by which prospective tenants get notified when you add a property here. So property managers, rental property agents and property owners explore this website today and register and advertise your dwelling or commercial building, today.
KishMan Solutions The website is operated by Canadians for Canadians and is developed considering the needs of the Canadians. We are committed to offer our subscribers the best product and good service. We have designed AshiRo Rentals with features to make sure you will find using it very simple.

AshiRo is operated by KishMan Solutions and maintained by It is supported by technology professionals and marketers who are servicing the registered users exactly what they need when it comes to a rental property planning and management.

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For general communication, including media and partnership enquiries, please send your message at For the purposes of a legal correspondance, we encourage you to email those documents at
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